New Talkit Features… Yup, plural!

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New Feature #1: Weekly Insights on your Dashboard

Your dashboard will now show you insights that relate to what you’re most often feeling, based on your Burnout Tracker results. Along with an explanation of what usually drives these states.

New Feature #2: Burnout Tracker for Teams

You can now see your team’s average Burnout Risk and their symptoms as a team as well. We aim for complete privacy and trust, so even though this won’t show you what each employee is feeling, you’ll still be able what’s the overall situation and have enough information to act on it. 

Team Dashboard for Talkit’s Burnout Tracker

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Our current Team Dashboard, albeit super cool ?, can offer you so much more. Here’s what we’re working on right now, with a lot more information:

Do you want to help us create the Team dashboard that will shame all team dashboards around and get official bragging rights that being a #BurnoutWarrior comes with? Click here to schedule it to your earliest convenience. 

We hope you’re staying home, safe, and healthy!


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