Well-being Insights

The best way to manage developer burnout is to prevent it.

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Gain insight into your team's mental well-being

Yerbo’s 2-min weekly check-in accurately captures how your team feels and presents to you team insights based on anonymous aggregate data.


Mental Well-being Levels

Get a clear indicator of yours and your team’s mental health trend with the Mental Well-being Levels. 

Every week we collect data through rotating questions in a weekly check-in survey and then present to you a trend for Burnout Risk and Work Engagement levels.

Dig deeper and understand what's affecting your team's mental wellbeing

Yerbo helps you to understand what factors, causes, and processes are behind your team’s mental well-being trend.

Inspect contributing factors

You can track the historical trend for the 4 factors of Burnout Risk, and the 3 Work Engagement factors.

You can learn the factor’s meaning and its likely causes, and follow suggested action steps to correct for yours or your teams’ results.

Curious about the methodology? Learn more here.

Improve Job Resource Satisfaction

When the job demands exceed the available job resources your team is bound to struggle.

Yerbo empowers you to be a better manager by showing you the job resources that  you should focus on.

Spot mental traps

Mental traps are patterns of thought – usually with a negative swing – which prevent us from seeing things as they really are.

By identifying the mental traps you and your team have present you’ll be able to spot them and challenge them before they affect yours and your team’s experience.


Do you want to know more about mental traps? Learn more here.

Insights for every job level

Individual Contributor

As an individual contributor you can see in detail your own private* mental well-being insights. You also get specific recommendations for corrective action.


If you’re in charge of a team of 3+ members, then you also have access to your team’s dashboard of anonymized* data. You’ll get alerts and suggestions of action steps for your team.

Manager of managers

As a manager of managers, you can see aggregate* data for all teams under you. You can spot trends and incentivize managers to take action.


*You have access to all the information from your well-being check-in, but no one else can see it. Team and company dashboards display anonymized data only, this is why we hide team results if a team has fewer than 3 members.

"I'm amazed by having this understanding of my team. It definitely helps me to know on what things I have to focus on first."
Stas Demchuk,
Engineering Lead at Affinidi

Now that you know the Insights you’ll get, let’s see how Yerbo guides you to take action to create more engaged and healthier developer teams.

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Free for personal use. 14-day trial for teams. No credit-card required.