Keep developers away from burnout

Keep developers away from burnout

Insights and action steps to help engineering teams stay healthy in high-performance environments.

"Burnout used to be the elephant in the room, something we knew that we needed to talk about, but didn't get around to. Now these data are the leverage we needed to start the conversation and to take action."
Cesar Berho
Engineering Manager at Nubank, the $30B fintech

You care about your team,
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Anticipate the alarm signs with Mental Well-being Insights

No more guessing. Track measurable factors, and understand what needs to be improved.

Yerbo collects data from 2-min weekly surveys and translates mental well-being results into insights that help you understand your team’s burnout risk, its causes, and track its evolution over time.

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Learn how to improve with battle-tested Action Steps

Time-off is great but not enough. For sustainable improvement, follow the science.

We put behavioral science behind concrete action steps to guide managers and developers to improve both at the individual and team levels. 

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Yerbo is helping with understanding specific areas where we can focus over the coming weeks e.g. self-inefficacy. It is interesting to see how our scores flux over time. It felt more collaborative than our previous processes as it can spark a conversation even in the absence of any glaring alarm bells, and there are helpful suggestions for things we can do to improve scores.

Birdie Team

Elderly caretech platform, Series A

Loved by the community

Loved by the community

Integrations that make life easier

Everyone answers the survey directly on Slack

No extra logins or complicated setups, everyone answers the questions anonymously without leaving Slack.


Meeting fatigue is real, get notified before it happens

Your team’s best friend to focus on deep work. Coming soon.

Vote for the next integration

Mental well-being needs to be community-driven, that’s why we want to build the future with you. Vote here!

Built on principles of psychological safety and trust

Always-on anonymity for real-talk 


Individual mental well-being results are 100% private, each person decide if/when to share. Managers get team reports based on anonymised aggregated data.

"This is what you really need at work!"

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Burnout Index by Yerbo - Check your burnout risk level. Start for free. | Product Hunt
Burnout Index by Yerbo - Check your burnout risk level. Start for free. | Product Hunt

How is your team doing right now? Show them you care.

How a $30 Billion fintech turns data into team trust with Yerbo