2020 was a lot to process. Run a quick test to asses your team while apart.

The most effective burnout risk tracker for teams​

Where teams can easily measure, track, and get science-backed recommendations to prevent burnout risk.

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All-in-one Burnout Risk Prevention

Protecting your productivity and mental health begins with a simple, objective, evidence-based tool.

Built to empower everyone

We great power comes great responsibility, our commitment is to keep everyone’s personal emotional health data private and anonymous. 


Yerbo helps you to detect emotional patterns, understand yourself better and gives you helpful weekly tips to prevent burnout influenced by internal factors.


You know your team, we are you ally to help you keep track of your team’s emotional health with an objective data-informed system running on automatic.

Leadership Team

The ultimate competitive advantage: help your people keep doing the work they love without burning out. You get a complete, cost-effective solution to protect them.

In the news

“Yerbo confirmed these issues (burnout symptoms) across more than 100,000 technology workers globally during COVID-19.”

“It’s both difficult and important to stay on top of your team’s well-being during a pandemic and while working remotely.

Yerbo’s Talkit can serve this purpose (…) employees can share how they feel about their job and their company, the results are often aggregated anonymously so staff members feel comfortable being honest while leaders can spot trends and areas to watch out for.”

A great tool for objectively recognizing burn out. Having an external source objectively identify the situation is helpful.
Taylor McCaslin
Sr. PM at GitLab
I've suggested the use of the tool to all my direct reports and it helped us raise yellow flags.
Eric Guimarães
Technical Manager at Nubank
A really good service for tracking personal burnout. It's one of the easiest/fastest/free/validated ways to check a burnout pulse.
Gabe Charbonneau
Medical Doctor

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