Track your team's burnout risk and satisfaction.

Yerbo equips managers with insights and resources to protect team’s mental health at scale.

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  • Private by default

  • Science-based and data-driven

Democratizing mental health tools for remote workers.

Burnout is nothing to hide or be ashamed about. It’s a topic to be aware of and talk openly about so you know the signs and can prevent it. 

Studies continue to reveal that a huge portion of remote workers are experiencing it. Burnout is more serious than occasional job stress. You can’t cure it by taking an extended vacation. Once it takes hold, you’re out of gas, more than mere fatigue. The solution is prevention. 

A great tool for objectively recognizing burn out. Having an external source objectively identify the situation is helpful.
Taylor McCaslin
Sr. PM at GitLab
I've suggested the use of the tool to all my direct reports and it helped us raise yellow flags.
Eric Guimarães
Technical Manager at Nubank
A really good service for tracking personal burnout. It's one of the easiest, fastest, free, validated ways to check a burnout pulse.
Gabe Charbonneau
Medical Doctor

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