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Getting started with Yerbo

Setting up

You can visit and click the “Continue with Slack” button, which will prompt you to authorize Yerbo. You may then be either asked to sign in to your Slack account, or if you’re already signed in into multiple Slack teams then you’ll be prompted to choose a team in which to use Yerbo.

Depending on your team’s Slack settings, you may not be able to install bots if you’re not an admin for your team. If this is the case, then you’ll need to have an admin add Yerbo, or grant you admin permissions beforehand.


Once you install our Slackbot into your workspace you can start answering our daily interventions clicking the button at the bottom of each message. Remember: talking directly to our bot is not the intended way to record your answers.

User privacy

All communication with our Slackbot is based on private messages, so everything remains confidential. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Slack integration

Yerbo is a third-party Slack integration. It’s not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.


Start for free or check out our premium plans here.

Need assistance with Yerbo?

Drop us a line at or contact your Account Manager directly.