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A great tool for objectively recognizing burn out. Having an external source objectively identify the situation is helpful.
Tylor McCaslin
I've suggested the use of the tool to all my direct reports and it helped us raise yellow flags.
Eric Gulmares
A really good service for tracking personal burnout. It's one of the easiest /fastest /free /validated ways to check a burnout pulse.
Gabe Charbonneau
Just switched to @Yerbo and hired a new employee. I received a message that the process was “soooo cool.” In my almost 20 years of managing people I’ve never head of receiving feedback like this way. 😎
Andrew Black
As a manager you should be checking in with the wellbeing of your team constantly. These guys are onto a quick way that will assist this.
Stu Sim
You cannot improve, what cannot measure. Thank you @yerbolabs, you're amazing!
Sofia Geyer