Personal Mental Fitness Toolkit

Give your team the resources they need

Mental health is a team sport. Help everyone take agency on their own health with trusted data, insights and recommendations they can access directly whenever they want.

It starts with their weekly check-ins

2 mins check-ins that create a space for self-reflection, develop a stronger understanding, and foster agency in your team.

Personal Mental Fitness Score

The first step with all things related to personal mental health is developing awareness of where we are.

Personal Well-Being Indicators

Emotions can be messy, so this give them a way to understand themselves in an objective way by getting clues of what they have to work on.

Personal Root Causes

Personal Indicators

Our Thinking Traps model shows you the things they are struggling with related to their perception of the world.

Thinking traps are patterns of thought – usually with a negative swing – which prevent us from seeing things as they really are.

Personal Analytics

They can see how things are evolving on a weekly basis to then match them to situations happening at work or in their personal lives so as to detect patterns in a easier way.

Healthy Recommendations

Yerbo quickly identifies team members in need of support and provides them with gentle healthy nudges they need to take action.

"I'm amazed by having this understanding of my team, definitely helps me to know on what things I have to focus on first in a sea of noise. I'm always looking forward to new stuff in your offering!"
Stas Demchuk,
Engineering Lead at Affinidi

So, yes, Yerbo gives your Team a Mental Fitness Toolkit but also…

Help your take ownership of their health