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Understand your team's cognitive traps to boost resilience.

2020 was one big “oh, not again* for most teams, and early 2021 doesn’t seem much different. Do you know what’s crazy difficult for a team? To go from burnout to resilience without first managing their mindset  –– negative thinking patterns need to be noticed, understood, and managed. 

Ready? Let’s dig in!

The Manager's Guide To Boost Resilience

A free 4-day email course to lead better in times of burnout

No psychology experience needed • Tech manager friendly

Sounds familiar?

😤 Have you ever been in meetings where you feel like there are irrational reactions that make communication difficult?

🙅‍♀️Have you run into the situation of sharing a solution for a problem and the other person automatically dismisses it by saying "that's not going to work"?

😐A direct report has ever achieved something great and you automatically downplay the win?

This is how, when we don't manage cognitive traps, negative thoughts and emotions at work arise on a daily basis.

What's inside the course?

Understand Them

1. What are the cognitive traps

2. How they influence burnout and decrease productivity

3. How to spot them (with real life examples!)

Hack them

4. How to manage them in your team

How to manage cognitive traps more easily and effectively?

You can check-in with you team daily every time you spot them or just try our Slack App if you want to.

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