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How a rebranding helped our company to focus. Hello Yerbo.

Today, Talkit becomes Yerbo. Rebranding is an opportunity to communicate in a more meaningful way. We’re here to tell you what this new brand — Yerbo — means to us and to the future of work where companies are mental-health-first. Introducing Yerbo Yerbo is our vision for a better future of work: sustainable high-performance through democratizing …

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The ultimate guide to burnout

All you need to know about Burnout: we did the research so you wouldn’t have to.  The backstory The subject of burnout has been around for literally decades, and we mean the old definition of literally, not the revamped one! The research goes back to the 1970s, borrowing the term burnout from those who used …

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New: Trigger Features With Slack’s Commands

We don’t want to jinx it…but it seems like we’re rolling with new features every week or so. Woot woot! We realized that avid Slack users are probably keyboard wizards already, and could feel a little more comfortable by knowing what the available commands are. Users can now type /talkit do for a list of available on-demand …

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Introducing Talkit Emotional Ratio

We loved our original Talkit Interactive Dashboard ?but wanted to further the experience for you to really visualize your emotional state. Remember the lines showing positive and negative emotions? Well, we did a little quick math for you, and now you can see what’s called the Emotional Ratio, which is the balance between the two. The Emotional Ratio places you in one of …

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