Yerbo Raises $455K to address developer burnout and well-being

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Mental well-being built for developers

Yerbo, the mental well-being tool for developers, raised US$455,000 in pre-seed funding from Newtopia Ventures and various angel investors. The investment will accelerate product development.

Since its launch in 2020, Yerbo has powered 160,000+ burnout risk assessments taken by employees from companies such as Mercury, Slack, GitLab, and Nubank. Yerbo now helps 397 teams keep their burnout risk in check, and has grown to 13 employees in 3 countries.

As tech workers embrace a hybrid-work model, during a never-ending state of stress due to COVID-19 and the enormous pressure of working in hyper-growth environments, everyone from developers to their managers is concerned about burnout. Time-off is appreciated, but it only tackles a symptom. Yerbo can make a difference by going to the root causes.

Yerbo is working to improve the mental well-being of software engineers by processing data from science-based assessments into actionable insights and recommendations, to help teams care for their mental well-being in a new way.  The tool integrates with Slack and tracks 36 mental well-being factors. Yerbo signals when there’s a high risk of burnout before it is too late, and presents actionable steps to mitigate risks to help everyone feel healthy and engaged.

Yerbo is bringing together software engineers and behavioral science professionals to build high impact, easy to use tools that help developers and managers avoid burnout and improve mental well-being at work with a data-driven approach that respects employee personal privacy. That’s something that historically wasn’t available, not because the problem didn’t exist but because nobody wanted to talk about it. 

CEO and founder, Marcos Spontón: 

We invested in Yerbo because we see it as a protagonist of the new wave of innovative startups with potential for global impact. Yerbo is proving that it is on the right track to become the most widely used tool by engineering teams to solve the problem of burnout and beyond. We love to have Marcos as a member of our portfolio and community of entrepreneurs, to share his previous experiences in the ecosystem and build together the ideas for this new world.

Sacha Spitz, General Partner, Newtopia Ventures

Burnout used to be the elephant in the room, something we knew that we needed to talk about, but didn’t get around to. Now these data are the leverage we needed to start the conversation and to take action.

Cesar Berho, Engineering Manager at Nubank, the $30B fintech juggernaut who’s also a Yerbo customer

I have invested in Yerbo because I believe in the founding team, their vision, and tremendous execution competencies.

Luis Bermejo, Founder & Managing Partner, Alaya Capital

About Yerbo:

Founded in 2020 by Marcos Spontón after his previous machine learning company was acquired by Mercado Libre, Yerbo makes mental well-being accessible to software engineering teams of all sizes, and it offers a free personal plan.

As we gain momentum, we want our community to be able to take part of the our next phase of product development. That’s why we created an open channel where everyone can influence our future. Join us

If you have any questions, send a note to We always love to chat.


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