Working in tech shouldn’t be a burnout sentence.
You deserve better.

The IT Burnout Index – available at – is an initiative by Yerbo to raise awareness about burnout in the tech industry and how it’s affecting people.

We want to inspire open and productive conversations about burnout, its causes and its consequences, inside organizations. With the IT Burnout Index you can measure your own burnout risk levels at the present time, see the detailed result for each of the four burnout factors considered. You can also come back and run the test again any time you like (we recommend you do so at least monthly to take proactive action.). You can help your network gain awareness of their mental well-being by spreading the word by sharing the burnout risk test.

Who created the IT Burnout Index?

The IT Burnout Index is a project run by Yerbo’s team of experienced tech professionals, alongside psychologists and behavioral scientists. 

Initially, we created the burnout test for our internal team and friends, but quickly realized that it could be helpful for the whole tech community. That’s how we came to create the Burnout Index.

How is the Burnout risk score calculated?

The burnout test is based on scientific questionnaires created and tested by psychologists.*

The questions and statements are standardized and are evaluated on a perceived frequency scale. The final score goes from 0 to 6. The lowest state of burnout risk being 0, and 6 being the highest potential burnout risk. Only the test participant can see his or her test score after answering the questionnaire. No one else has access to this result unless they share it, as many people do.

We use anonymized aggregate data to improve our assessment methodology, contribute to academic research, and benchmarking purposes, but no individual test submission can be identified. That’s why we don’t ask for an email or any other type of individual identifier to be able to take part in the assessment.

What does the IT Burnout Index assessment measure?

There’s two parts to this question.

  • The test measures the respondent’s level of burnout risk and translates it into a score. The test then breaks the score down into four different burnout factors. There’s also an invitation to create a Yerbo account to explore the results further and receive recommendations on steps to mitigate burnout risk.
  • For the broad tech industry: With each assessment response, we deepen our understanding of the burnout risk levels in the sector. We also improve the questionnaires to make sure they are scientifically sound. Once we have enough aggregated, anonymous data, we will facilitate it to researchers and we will translate it into a Burnout Report for everyone to see.

We are always looking for more accurate measurements of Burnout Risk and are working inside the Yerbo app to not only measure Burnout risk, but also the work engagement levels, and Job Resource Satisfaction and Mental traps and tricks. This always evolving framework wants to be a one-stop shop for all mental well-being needs for developers and engineering teams.

If you want to know more, or contribute, get in touch

What do you mean when you say the test is anonymous and universal?

This means that you don’t need to log in or register anywhere to be able to take the test and self-assess your burnout level. 

We ask for some socio-demographic information, such as, but not limited to: age, gender, number of direct reports. This information helps us build benchmarks that can be helpful for future burnout mitigation recommendations and industry reports. All this information is anonymous and aggregated and cannot be traced back to the individual test respondent.

After you complete the assessment, and after you’ve seen your risk of burnout score, there are opt-in possibilities for you to be updated on the findings of the Burnout Index. We may also ask for your email if you want to know more about Yerbo – the mental well-being tool for developers – and if you want to create your Yerbo account, or add Yerbo bot to your Slack workspace.

Do I have to pay for this information?

No, the test and its results are completely free.

What if I want to receive updates or test Yerbo? Why do you need my email address?

We ask for your email address only if you want to know more about Yerbo, create a Yerbo account, or if you decide to receive updates regarding the Burnout Index as we collect more data on the tech industry and its current state of burnout.

We respect your privacy above all and we pledge to not lend, sell, or rent your data to third party vendors.

If you decide to opt-out of any or all communication from BurnoutIndex, or Yerbo, the unsubscribe process is easy and straightforward and you can find it at the bottom of every email from us. 

Also, you can send us an email and we’ll erase all your data being stored by us. Send an email to

What is Yerbo?

Yerbo is the mental well-being tool for developers backed by Newtopia Ventures and outstanding angel investors, and we’re forging the future of preventive mental well-being at work. 

Since its launch in 2020, Yerbo has powered 160,000+ burnout risk assessments taken by employees from companies such as Mercury, Slack, PandaDoc, and Nubank. Yerbo now helps +400 teams keep their burnout risk in check, and has grown to 13 employees in 3 countries, happily embracing remote work from the beginning.

After launching the IT Burnout Index, we’ve received feedback on the need for a tool to address well-being in the workplace. That’s why we built Yerbo as a Slack bot for tech teams. We’ve seen great adoption of this tool, and we’ve been improving it continuously.

We offer a free tier, where you can use Yerbo to keep track of your mental well-being levels, based on check-in tests of your burnout risk, work engagement levels, as well as a combination of job resource satisfaction, and mental traps prevalence.

With all the knowledge we’ve gathered from the usage of our tool, we’ve been able to create a repository of automated recommendations and action steps to mitigate the most pressing mental well-being factors that are affecting you.

Yerbo for Teams is a complete and expanding tool for the whole organization. Individual contributors, managers, and their managers all benefit from Yerbo. We keep all responses anonymous, which enables employees to answer truthfully and fully. This information is then presented to managers as aggregate anonymous data.

Managers can take action by opening feedback conversations and by sending recommendations to their teams on mental well-being trends and best practices.

You can learn more at

*To measure exhaustion, cynicism and professional inefficiency, we used selected items from the Spanish version of MB. To measure depersonalization we used selected items from the Spanish version of MBI-HSS (Salanova et al., 2005). Main frame of reference: Maslach, C., Jackson, S. E., & Leiter, M. P. (1996). Maslach Burnout Inventory: Manual (3rd ed.). Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press.